Balesin Island Beach Wedding

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Balesin Island Beach Wedding
08 May 2015
Balesin Wedding 2
Nestled at the gates of Lamon Bay sits a 500-hectare tropical private paradise, an oasis of unparalleled natural beauty. Alphaland Corporation’s Balesin Island Club, a mere 20-minute private plane ride from Manila, is located east of Mauban, Quezon beside the Polillo Islands. With azure seas, hidden coves, and pristine white-sand beaches, this members-only private leisure getaway boasts a clientele of the Philippines’ privileged class, the crème de la crème of the art, entertainment, and business industries.

Taking inspiration from seven of the world’s best landscapes, Balesin Island Club transports you to Europe and Asia—from the colorful houses sitting in Provence on the French Riviera to the white villas crowned by round blue domes in the Mykonos isle of Greece.

In each village, from the architecture and interior design to the specialty restaurants and culinary delights, guests are seemingly taken to experience the wonders of seven countries in one place with all these aspects authentically recreated, designed, and decorated.

Balesin Village

Balesin Village

Balesin Village is your home away from home. Take pleasure in the villas which feature the best of Philippine indigenous architecture, craft, and design, coupled with a modern twist.

Phuket Village

Phuket 1
Phuket 2

Phuket village is fitted with exotic villas fronted by a white sand beach or overlooking picturesque rugged cliffs above the sea.

Costa del Sol
Costa del Sol 1
Costa del Sol 2

Balesin Island Club brings the south of Spain to life with Costa del Sol village. A world-renowned tourist spot, the “Sun Coast”, was a series of quaint fishing villages.

Toscana 1
Toscana 2

Toscana is brought to life through the use of shallow tile roofs, curved pediments and classical cornices in the overall design.

St. Tropez

St. Tropez 1
St. Tropez 2

Known as a playground for the rich and Hollywood elite, St. Tropez is surrounded by white sandy beaches and enjoys a gorgeous sunny climate.


Mykonos 1
Mykonos 2

The destination villas built in the Mykonos style of architecture, give you a taste of Greece, right here in the Philippines.

Balesin Beach Wedding
Balesin Wedding 1

A paradise in the midst of the sea, Balesin is, most if not all, bride’s dream wedding venue with its swoon-worthy sceneries and landscaping, luxurious accommodations, and a wonderful stretch of white sandy shores.

Held last 08 May 2015, Lead Events PH organized a destination wedding in this exclusive island retreat. Bathed in natural light and the warm hues of the sunset, the ceremony took place at the Balesin Sala Beachfront. This exquisitely enchanting affair took everyone’s breaths away and tugged a couple of heartstrings with the dreamy locations and the loveliest of hues, perfectly complemented by the beaming smiles of the couple and their guests.

Balesin Wedding 4

The reception was held at the Balesin Sala, a pavilion sitting in front of the beach. From the moving speeches and the lavish buffet to the soothing sound of the waves crashing into the shore, coupled with great music and drinks to cap off a wondrous night, it was truly an affair to remember.

For the non-member guests who long to experience and take a slice of this exclusive haven, Lead Events PH extends its event management services to clients and companies interested in mounting and holding social functions and corporate affairs in Balesin Island Club. From company conferences and seminars to product launches and special events, we can deliver fresh solutions and hold your events at this private paradise. At Lead Events PH, we can help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

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