Make your special event memorable


Are you setting up a special event such as a birthday party, wedding, or a baby shower? It’s always the little details that impress the guests. This means adding things like smaller flower vases along the tables, putting up a chocolate fountain, or even a disco ball could make the event seem “magical” for many people. Guests mostly come for the food and entertainment but also most importantly – they come for you. After all, a birthday party or any other event is important in a person’s life and friends or family members around will make the moment special.

Little details that impress guests

How about setting up a beautiful table decor? Don’t just add small decorations. Throw some sparkles on the table along with small sticker objects to bring it to life. You can even add a few mini vases with a different assortment of flowers or make everything match. This is also where the party favors should be. The guests will absolutely love this.

Add games to your special events that both children and adults can play. You want everyone to have a fun time instead of having to be confined to their table, eating. Some people love social interaction and there’s no better way to do this then with a game. You can do Limbo, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Musical Chairs and more.

Put up something amazing that they can view. How about a disco ball for dancing or maybe a smoke machine? Everyone loves these items at parties. Another idea would be to add a chocolate fountain where it could go right next to the cake. Some of the guests will even want to take pictures of it. you could also put a few cameras on the table (You know…those cheap kind that you throw away). Add one to each table and people can help take pictures for the party. You’ll probably laugh at some of the pictures they take and it will be fun to look at when you are at home.

The benefits of having an event organizer do the work for you

You are to be married in five months and because of this, you want to get everything ready early for that special day. Planning involves hiring an event organizer and the benefits are endless when it comes to bringing an expert to plan everything for you. For example, it is cost effective for you and also you will be able to rely on someone who has done this many times before. Most event planners won’t make mistakes because they know how important your event can be. It is their job to listen carefully, survey your needs, and get everything ready in a timely manner. Let’s look at some of the benefits of hiring an event organizer:

Event Experience

Most professional event organizers have been in the business anywhere from a year to even ten years or more. Those who have more experience should come first on your list of people to hire. We recommend setting up interviews for a few different planners and see which person you feel comfortable with. There are also those who offer great deals when it comes to venues so be sure to ask about their packages.


A venue planner is someone who you can always rely on. If you are not able to get back in time from work and the flowers need to be picked up, they can do this for you. A venue planner usually has a large truck and certain backup equipment in case something goes wrong. There are some planners who work as little as four hours a day to even 12 hours each day. Being reliable in the business is one of the best traits an event planner can have.

Cost Effective

Since event planners get special deals from suppliers, they are able to give you deals that would cost less than what it would be if you were trying to set up everything yourself. For example, you won’t be paying 3x more just for wedding favors. Also, they know where to go to get the food from affordable and best tasting caterers. The majority of event planners have a circle of suppliers they can contact for just about anything and this is why you should hire someone to do everything for you.

Choosing the right event planner for your event

It is crucial that you hire the right type of event planner for your special day. There are many different types of event planners. Some planners only specialize in weddings while others specialize in corporate events. This is why it’s so important that you ask first before interviewing an event planner. A wedding planner won’t set up a birthday party because this is not something they’ve done before. Perhaps they enjoy setting up weddings more. Whatever the reason is, you should only hire an event planner with what they are skilled in. Here are the types of different event planners available below:

Types of event planners

Corporate – A corporate event planner’s duties involve setting up pamphlets for the company, ordering more business cards and offering a company movie projection equipment. They are also skilled in marketing which means that by hiring a corporate event planner, they will be able to increase your sales as well as your reputation.

Wedding – A wedding planner is someone who works closely with the bride and groom to come up with decorating ideas for their wedding, order the cake, and also chose the perfect music for them. They also do other things such as ordering the flowers, making the wedding invitations, and coming up with the perfect wedding favors for their guests.

Party – A party planner is usually an individual who will plan on kid’s parties, special birthdays, and even anniversary parties. The range is wide when it comes to “party” planning so make sure you ask ahead of time. They can also set up a party for a college graduation celebration. As you can see, there are so many different types of parties. Most party planners are professionals when it comes to setting up table decor, getting the balloons, decorating the driveway and so much more.

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