Faburrito Fresh Mexican Grill Opening – Bonifacio Stopover BGC


Established and created to heed the call for healthy food and freshly prepared meals, Faburrito prides itself with using healthier alternatives without sacrificing the quality or any of the flavor of its dishes.

Nestled in Bonifacio Stopover, Bonifacio Global City’s latest dining hub, Faburrito is one of the newest offerings, garnering much muses and rave reviews by the restaurant goers with its wide variety of wallet-friendly food choices for residents and office-goers in the area.


Since it opened its doors less than a month ago, Faburrito has been well-received by newcomers, and health buffs and organic food enthusiasts alike. Providing food that’s healthy and organic while flavorful and filling at the same time, Faburrito sources organic fruits and vegetables from local farms and uses all-natural ingredients, assuring its patrons of fresh, feel good food.


Featuring a selection of comfort food in its purest form, Faburrito offers Mexican favorites, from burritos, tacos, and quesadillas to salads and rice bowls. With a good price point, customers are given the opportunity to enjoy comfort food made healthier without the guilt, calories, and fat.

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This all-organic restaurant serves as a stepping stone towards a healthier lifestyle. Just between the two measures of its cozy ambiance with Christian songs playing in the background and the wide array of its appetizing dishes, Faburrito already remains a favorite amongst the myriad of restaurants sprouting around Bonifacio Global City. But add to that the proficient and attentive staff and great service, a friendly neighborhood restaurant you’ll want to keep coming back to is now just a stone’s throw away.

At Faburrito, you get exactly what you pay for—only this time, it’s great-tasting food that nourishes the body. Eat good, feel good.

3/F Bonifacio Stopover
Rizal Drive Corner 31st Street
Bonifacio Global City

Denso Techno Philippines Inc. Year End Party 2015


With a line of business in technology services, Denso Techno Philippines Inc. celebrated the year that was, and anticipated and welcomed the year to come with a neon rave-themed year-end party for 2015.

Held last 05 December 2015 at Palacio de Maynila, acoustic pop singer, Stephanie Dan, hosted the event. To start, Denso Techno Philippines Inc.’s General Manager, Mr. Hirokazu Takashima, kicked off the year-end party with the welcome remarks to be followed by the Service Awards. To show appreciation and recognition for those who have served Denso Techno Philippines Inc., President Mr. Kazuyuki Matsubara, Executive Vice President Mr. Masahiro Sato, and General Manager Mr. Norio Hattori, together with Mr. Hirokazu Takashima, presented the five-year and ten-year awards to their respective employees, commending them for their utmost loyalty, dedication, and perseverance.


As judged by Mr. Matsubara, Mr. Sato, Mr. Hattori, and Mr. Takashima, a series of special production numbers—from anime-themed dances to black light performances—care of Denso Techno Philippines Inc.’s employees were presented as part of a competition wherein the winners took home cash prizes.


Deemed to be one of the most awaited parts of the evening, to further engage the employees in the spirit of the celebration and camaraderie, a raffle draw was held and the lucky winners brought home a myriad of prizes—from kitchen and home appliances to gadget showcases to out of town trips to Boracay, Bohol, Cebu, and Palawan.

Followed by a symbolic toast as led by Mr. Masahiro Sato, associates from their respective departments gave a short speech on the milestones they’ve reached for the past year, and their goals and plans for the year to come. Mr. Kazuyuki Matsubara then gave the closing remarks to cap off the program.

Rising MC and spinner, DJ Gino, kicked off the neon rave after party, playing the latest and in demand beats.

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27th Pacific Insurance Conference – Makati Shangrila

Munich RE Exhibit Booth

Munich RE Exhibit Booth

27th Pacific Insurance Conference
29 November – 02 December 2015

Taking place biennially, the 27th Pacific Insurance Conference, a not-for-profit organization registered in Hong Kong, graced the Philippine shores for a four-day event. Held from 29 November – 02 December 2015 at Makati Shangri-La, the 27th Pacific Insurance Conference served as a platform for global insurance and financial industry stakeholders involved in life, health, retirement savings, and wealth management. Deemed to be a springboard to a challenging, innovation-led future, the conference paved the way for discovering upcoming trends and insights on corporate management, marketing, customer service, and the improvement of business specific to the industry.

As part of its goal to strengthen international fellowship in the industry, the Pacific Insurance Conference works towards the broad participation of insurance executives, and partners with local life insurance associations in the host country.  As such, one of the world’s leading re-insurers, Munich RE, served as a diamond sponsor, further aiding in reflecting the new and exciting challenges that confront the insurance and financial industries in terms of new technologies, changing demographics, and evolving cultures and business platforms. With a ballet-themed booth, guests were treated to a variety of giveaways and a raffle draw during the closing of the conference wherein the lucky winner took home a much-coveted Apple Watch.

With the strong program, notable speakers, and social events, the 27th Pacific Insurance Conference generated favorable feedback, making it another successful gathering since its inception. Imbibing the 27th Pacific Insurance Conference’s motto of delivering customer value, Lead Events PH works with the client’s visions and execute these into perfectly-produced affairs, garnering customer satisfaction.

Givaudan’s Creative Day in Marco Polo Ortigas

With the continuous challenge of bringing joy into their fragrances, Givaudan has launched their Creative Day with a theme Journey to the Top: Partners in Excellence and Success in VU’s Sky Bar and Lounge, Marco Polo Ortigas lasy 02 December 2015.

Givaudan has brought their core in creation, innovation and knowledge by giving their customers and partners an intricate and innovative presentation of their new products and technology. Their luxurious yet personal booth designs had integrated both technology and nature and activated their guests senses.

It was an intimate gathering of partners attended by the Givaudan’s Managing Director Jeremy, Givaudan Singapore’s Business Development Director Jessmin Leong, Business Development Manager Eileen Loo and Peerless’ CEO Mr. Simeon Tiu and Mr. Jasper Tiu, among other partners and guests. The Givaudan team was true to their word when they put their heart and soul not only to their unique fragrances and creations, but also by personally giving a warm welcome and appreciation to their partners.

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MoroccanOil Stylist’s Event at Aruga Rockwell

Moroccanoil 8

Hosted by the international hair care brand, Moroccanoil, Lead Events PH provided full technical set-up and production for Moroccanoil’s Stylist Event at Aruga by Rockwell last 05 October 2015.

Revered by hairdressers worldwide, Moroccanoil has tapped the local scene, refining the art of styling and design, and elevating the standards for hair care in the Philippine hairstyling industry.

Moroccanoil 8
Moroccanoil 8
Moroccanoil 8
Moroccanoil 8

Attended by industry professionals, salon owners, and hairdressers, the Moroccanoil Stylist Event exhibited and showcased the versatility of the luxury hair care brand, imparting hair inspirations for stylists to recreate and give a new look to.

Moroccanoil 8
Moroccanoil 8

As led by Violet Sainsbury, Moroccanoil’s Regional Education Manager for Asia Pacific, the Stylist Event primed its guests and attendees with tips and techniques for trendy and in vogue up-styles. Violet demonstrated the latest runway-inspired hairstyles, and how easy it is to achieve these fashion-forward looks with the use of Moroccanoil’s collection of products.

Moroccanoil 8

All about empowering beautiful transformations, Moroccanoil highlights craftsmanship, engagement, and quality. With the dramatic results of all six styles, Violet exhibited how Moroccanoil is revolutionizing the hair care industry with its innovative and unparalleled formulas, making it the global leader in luxury and professional hair care products.

With the high quality and exclusivity Moroccanoil provides, Lead Events PH executed the Stylist Event sticking to Moroccanoil’s theme and décor while maintaining the international standards set by the premium brand.

Diving & Resort Travel Expo 2015 – Manila, Philippines


After making waves in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Taiwan, the Diving, Resort, and Travel (DRT) Expo has made its way to the Philippine shores. Deemed to be the largest international diving and resort expo in Asia and the Pacific, the Diving & Resort Travel Expo Manila 2015 ran from 11-13 September 2015 at the SM MegaMall’s MegaTrade Hall in Ortigas, attended by dive industry professionals, marine scientists and conservationists, and travel enthusiasts alike.


Supported by the Philippine Department of Tourism, (PDOT), Tourism Promotions Board Philippines (TPBP), and the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), the three-day exposition featured business-to-business meetings, underwater photo exhibits and keynote presentations by renowned underwater photographers, and top-level exhibitors, from dive and water sport equipment manufacturers to diving resorts and organizations, all geared towards a niche market for the marine life devotees.


Hosted by celebrity actress and host, Issa Litton, the opening ceremony took place on 11 September 2015. Given that it’s the first year of the Diving, Resort, and Travel Expo in the Philippines, the ceremony commenced with a presentation of different Philippine folk dances by the Folklorico Filipino Dance Company, exhibiting to the foreign guests and speakers a tinge of the warm and vibrant Filipino culture.


The attendees were then welcomed by Diving, Resort, and Travel Expo CEO and EZ Dive Magazine Publisher, Mr. Jason Chong, TIEZA Assistant COO, Mr. Jethro Lozada, TPBP COO, Mr. Domingo Ramon Enerio III, and PDOT Secretary, Mr. Ramon Jimenez Jr.
Being an archipelago teeming with rich marine life, the DRT Expo serves a venue to underscore the significance of responsible and environmentally-friendly diving, and the conversation of the country’s biodiversity.


With a roster of prominent underwater photographers and cinematographers from all corners of the globe, the DRT Expo provided its attendees with a series of enriching workshops and seminarsthroughout the exposition. From shooting in black or blue lighting and underwater macro photography techniques to sharing diving experiences, renowned speakers Amanda Cotton, Jerome Kim, Scott Gutsy Tuason, and the like had a thing or two on the underwater life to impart to the guests of the expo.


Following the series of talks, the guests were in for a treat as the DRT Expo concluded with a lucky draw for all attendees as hosted by Gameplan host, Julian Rodriguez. With minor prizes like diving gears and shirts to major prizes ranging from introduction to diving courses and trips to Bohol and Busuanga to gadgets like a brand new iPhone 6, it was the perfect conclusion to a successful and fun-filled weekend only proving that it’s truly more fun in the Philippines.

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Conference and Event Recording

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event conference speaker recording service

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Net-Works Press Launch at the British Embassy in Manila

Net-Works Press Launch
10 June 2015
British Embassy Manila

An innovative, cross-sector initiative, Net-Works, tackles and addresses the growing environmental issue on discarded fishing nets and making use of these as recycled materials for carpet tile production. As such, by giving the means and resources to fishing communities in developing countries to sell waste nets, the local community receives long-term incentives to protect and preserve the natural environment.

In partnership with global carpet manufacturer, Interface, and international conservation charity, Zoological Society of London (ZSL), this unique global partnership program gives rise to a solid business solution, paving the way for long-term positive effects on marine and freshwater ecosystems in addition to providing financial opportunities to some of the world’s poorest coastal communities.

With support from UK Darwin Initiative, a UK government grants scheme that helps to protect biodiversity and the natural environment through locally based projects worldwide, the Net-Works project is working towards expanding the program in the Philippines.

Attended by local journalists and reporters from GMA, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, The Manila Times, to name a few, and foreign correspondents for UK and US-Based outlets such as BBC, CNN, and Guardian, Net-Works hosted a press launch last 10 June 2015 at the British Embassy Manila, highlighting the program as a local success story and a leading example of inclusive business.

As an introduction to Net-Works, Dr. Nick Hill, Net-Works Conservation for Communities Technical Specialist from ZSL UK, gave the attendees a succinct overview on Net-Works—from explaining how it functions and operates to divulging anecdotes of highlights from the project.

Guindacpan Barangay Council Member, Mr. Edrich Baron, shared the benefits received by the coastal communities in addition to what has changed in the fishermen’s practice as stewards of the ocean.

Following the testimony, Mr. Rob Coombs, Interface President & CEO, expounded on the progress of Net-Works—from the outline of key outcomes from the past year to its expansion into a program of environmental and social resilience in the coastal communities hit by natural calamities.

Mr. Rob Coombs of Interface, Dr. Nick Hill of ZSL, Mr. Stephen Lysaght of the British Embassy Manila, Mayor Milliard Villanueva of Concepcion, Iloilo, Mr. Edrich Baron of Guindacpan, and Mr. Amado Blanco of ZSL Philippines officiated the ceremonial cutting of the waste nets.

The program concluded with a panel discussion as led by Dr. Nick Hill, discussing how collaborative innovation drives inclusive business solutions and why such solutions are vital to the development of the region.

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Balesin Island Beach Wedding

Balesin Island Beach Wedding
08 May 2015
Balesin Wedding 2
Nestled at the gates of Lamon Bay sits a 500-hectare tropical private paradise, an oasis of unparalleled natural beauty. Alphaland Corporation’s Balesin Island Club, a mere 20-minute private plane ride from Manila, is located east of Mauban, Quezon beside the Polillo Islands. With azure seas, hidden coves, and pristine white-sand beaches, this members-only private leisure getaway boasts a clientele of the Philippines’ privileged class, the crème de la crème of the art, entertainment, and business industries.

Taking inspiration from seven of the world’s best landscapes, Balesin Island Club transports you to Europe and Asia—from the colorful houses sitting in Provence on the French Riviera to the white villas crowned by round blue domes in the Mykonos isle of Greece.

In each village, from the architecture and interior design to the specialty restaurants and culinary delights, guests are seemingly taken to experience the wonders of seven countries in one place with all these aspects authentically recreated, designed, and decorated.

Balesin Village

Balesin Village

Balesin Village is your home away from home. Take pleasure in the villas which feature the best of Philippine indigenous architecture, craft, and design, coupled with a modern twist.

Phuket Village

Phuket 1
Phuket 2

Phuket village is fitted with exotic villas fronted by a white sand beach or overlooking picturesque rugged cliffs above the sea.

Costa del Sol
Costa del Sol 1
Costa del Sol 2

Balesin Island Club brings the south of Spain to life with Costa del Sol village. A world-renowned tourist spot, the “Sun Coast”, was a series of quaint fishing villages.

Toscana 1
Toscana 2

Toscana is brought to life through the use of shallow tile roofs, curved pediments and classical cornices in the overall design.

St. Tropez

St. Tropez 1
St. Tropez 2

Known as a playground for the rich and Hollywood elite, St. Tropez is surrounded by white sandy beaches and enjoys a gorgeous sunny climate.


Mykonos 1
Mykonos 2

The destination villas built in the Mykonos style of architecture, give you a taste of Greece, right here in the Philippines.

Balesin Beach Wedding
Balesin Wedding 1

A paradise in the midst of the sea, Balesin is, most if not all, bride’s dream wedding venue with its swoon-worthy sceneries and landscaping, luxurious accommodations, and a wonderful stretch of white sandy shores.

Held last 08 May 2015, Lead Events PH organized a destination wedding in this exclusive island retreat. Bathed in natural light and the warm hues of the sunset, the ceremony took place at the Balesin Sala Beachfront. This exquisitely enchanting affair took everyone’s breaths away and tugged a couple of heartstrings with the dreamy locations and the loveliest of hues, perfectly complemented by the beaming smiles of the couple and their guests.

Balesin Wedding 4

The reception was held at the Balesin Sala, a pavilion sitting in front of the beach. From the moving speeches and the lavish buffet to the soothing sound of the waves crashing into the shore, coupled with great music and drinks to cap off a wondrous night, it was truly an affair to remember.

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Jhpiego – ANE Regional Workshop 2015

Jhpiego – ANE Regional Workshop
18-23 May 2015
Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila

An affiliate of John Hopkins University, Jhpiego has been innovating to save the lives of women and families worldwide. Held last 18 – 23 May 2015 at the Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center, Jhpiego hosted a five-day regional training workshop with delegates coming from Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and the US.

Established as a leader in reproductive health training, the ANE Regional Workshop included training sessions and practices, priming its participants with particulars on family planning and reproductive health amongst others. Being at the forefront in promoting practices that work towards protecting health care professionals and clients from potentially life-threatening infections, Jhpiego aims to make lifesaving services available and accessible to individuals in need. As such, Jhpiego has tested and introduced practical, low-cost infection prevention procedures that can be implemented effectively in settings with limited resources to make significant contributions to the health of women and their families.

As part of the conference’s modules and activities, the non-native participants were taken on a gastronomic feast at Aracama Filipino Cuisine, highlighting appetizing regional Filipino cuisine.

The five-day training concluded on 23 May 2015 wherein the delegates were awarded certificates of workshop completion, underscoring their participation and help in brining high-quality health care to women and families and developing creative solutions to improve these services.

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