Metrobank Golf Tournament at Splendido Taal Golf & Country Club


With an aim to strengthen ties with their Japanese clients and cultivate new connections with the business community in Japan, Metrobank held a golf tournament at the Splendido Taal Residential Golf & Country Club last June 18, 2016. Established in 1962, Metrobank is a leading financial conglomerate with diversified business portfolio including: investment banking, thrift banking, leasing and financing, bancassurance, and credit cards. Its corporate social arm, Metrobank Foundation, was established in 1979 & implements various programs in education, visual arts and healthcare.


The event started off with the registration of the players followed by a free breakfast at La Esquina Spanish restaurant, also located at the country club. Upon registration, the players were given their welcome kits & goodie bags – all sponsored by Metrobank. They players were also given an option to buy mulligans for their game. All of the profit gained from the purchase of mulligans will directly go to the Metrobank’s own charity, the Metrobank Foundation, Inc.


The sequential tee-off started exactly at 8:00 AM and all the scoresheets were in at around 2:30 PM. While waiting for the scores to be tallied, the players all enjoyed the buffet at the Ladera Golfer’s Lounge.



The players, depending on their handicap, were divided into three classes – A, B, & C. Each classes have their own winners. Class C champion got a Titleist Scotty Cameron Cam Sel GOLO 5 34 golf club. The class B won a Titleist Scotty Cameron 717RD putter. The class A champion won the highly coveted prize – a 3 days & 2 nights stay at the prestigious Shangri-la Boracay. Metrobank also held raffle draw for the players with prizes ranging from expensive wine, high quality golf equipment, premium luggage and a lot more.


The tournament was organized by GolfPH, a company that provides gold packages and services including event & tournament planning, golf lessons, & gold travel vacations in partnership with Metrobank and Lead Events.


The golf tournament was a success & truly provided a great opportunity for the company to engage & build lasting relations with their Japanese clients. Metrobank proved indeed that with them, you are definitely in good hands.

Faburrito Fresh Mexican Grill Opening – Bonifacio Stopover BGC


Established and created to heed the call for healthy food and freshly prepared meals, Faburrito prides itself with using healthier alternatives without sacrificing the quality or any of the flavor of its dishes.

Nestled in Bonifacio Stopover, Bonifacio Global City’s latest dining hub, Faburrito is one of the newest offerings, garnering much muses and rave reviews by the restaurant goers with its wide variety of wallet-friendly food choices for residents and office-goers in the area.


Since it opened its doors less than a month ago, Faburrito has been well-received by newcomers, and health buffs and organic food enthusiasts alike. Providing food that’s healthy and organic while flavorful and filling at the same time, Faburrito sources organic fruits and vegetables from local farms and uses all-natural ingredients, assuring its patrons of fresh, feel good food.


Featuring a selection of comfort food in its purest form, Faburrito offers Mexican favorites, from burritos, tacos, and quesadillas to salads and rice bowls. With a good price point, customers are given the opportunity to enjoy comfort food made healthier without the guilt, calories, and fat.

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This all-organic restaurant serves as a stepping stone towards a healthier lifestyle. Just between the two measures of its cozy ambiance with Christian songs playing in the background and the wide array of its appetizing dishes, Faburrito already remains a favorite amongst the myriad of restaurants sprouting around Bonifacio Global City. But add to that the proficient and attentive staff and great service, a friendly neighborhood restaurant you’ll want to keep coming back to is now just a stone’s throw away.

At Faburrito, you get exactly what you pay for—only this time, it’s great-tasting food that nourishes the body. Eat good, feel good.

3/F Bonifacio Stopover
Rizal Drive Corner 31st Street
Bonifacio Global City

Conference and Event Recording

From small-scale conference and seminars to nationwide summits and conventions, these academic affairs bring in noted orators and public speakers, imparting a plethora of usable content on a variety of relevant subjects. Designed to offer the opportunity of being introduced to industry experts, the content of these assemblies, whether it’s a private discussion or a far-reaching colloquium, is a company’s strongest asset and selling point.

event conference speaker recording service

In a generation wherein the market hungers after information at the click of a button, portably and conveniently delivering content to the consumers is essential.

As such, Lead Events PH now offers on-site audio recording services, transmitting explicit information, particulars, and details to its end-users through a podcast. From the attendees keen on reviewing the pieces of information to those who simply were not able to attend the event, this recording program easily hands over the captured content to the listeners. This paves the way for interested individuals to study and recollect the materials at their own pace and convenience. Through the easy consumption of content, the podcast becomes a reliable medium for relaying information, and at the same time, cultivating a following.

Lead Events PH has the expertise required to make your conference a success. In light of our experience in mounting a variety of events and through the flexibility of our recording setup, this recording service ensures our clients a hassle-free process and a superior coverage of the event.

Balesin Island Beach Wedding

Balesin Island Beach Wedding
08 May 2015
Balesin Wedding 2
Nestled at the gates of Lamon Bay sits a 500-hectare tropical private paradise, an oasis of unparalleled natural beauty. Alphaland Corporation’s Balesin Island Club, a mere 20-minute private plane ride from Manila, is located east of Mauban, Quezon beside the Polillo Islands. With azure seas, hidden coves, and pristine white-sand beaches, this members-only private leisure getaway boasts a clientele of the Philippines’ privileged class, the crème de la crème of the art, entertainment, and business industries.

Taking inspiration from seven of the world’s best landscapes, Balesin Island Club transports you to Europe and Asia—from the colorful houses sitting in Provence on the French Riviera to the white villas crowned by round blue domes in the Mykonos isle of Greece.

In each village, from the architecture and interior design to the specialty restaurants and culinary delights, guests are seemingly taken to experience the wonders of seven countries in one place with all these aspects authentically recreated, designed, and decorated.

Balesin Village

Balesin Village

Balesin Village is your home away from home. Take pleasure in the villas which feature the best of Philippine indigenous architecture, craft, and design, coupled with a modern twist.

Phuket Village

Phuket 1
Phuket 2

Phuket village is fitted with exotic villas fronted by a white sand beach or overlooking picturesque rugged cliffs above the sea.

Costa del Sol
Costa del Sol 1
Costa del Sol 2

Balesin Island Club brings the south of Spain to life with Costa del Sol village. A world-renowned tourist spot, the “Sun Coast”, was a series of quaint fishing villages.

Toscana 1
Toscana 2

Toscana is brought to life through the use of shallow tile roofs, curved pediments and classical cornices in the overall design.

St. Tropez

St. Tropez 1
St. Tropez 2

Known as a playground for the rich and Hollywood elite, St. Tropez is surrounded by white sandy beaches and enjoys a gorgeous sunny climate.


Mykonos 1
Mykonos 2

The destination villas built in the Mykonos style of architecture, give you a taste of Greece, right here in the Philippines.

Balesin Beach Wedding
Balesin Wedding 1

A paradise in the midst of the sea, Balesin is, most if not all, bride’s dream wedding venue with its swoon-worthy sceneries and landscaping, luxurious accommodations, and a wonderful stretch of white sandy shores.

Held last 08 May 2015, Lead Events PH organized a destination wedding in this exclusive island retreat. Bathed in natural light and the warm hues of the sunset, the ceremony took place at the Balesin Sala Beachfront. This exquisitely enchanting affair took everyone’s breaths away and tugged a couple of heartstrings with the dreamy locations and the loveliest of hues, perfectly complemented by the beaming smiles of the couple and their guests.

Balesin Wedding 4

The reception was held at the Balesin Sala, a pavilion sitting in front of the beach. From the moving speeches and the lavish buffet to the soothing sound of the waves crashing into the shore, coupled with great music and drinks to cap off a wondrous night, it was truly an affair to remember.

For the non-member guests who long to experience and take a slice of this exclusive haven, Lead Events PH extends its event management services to clients and companies interested in mounting and holding social functions and corporate affairs in Balesin Island Club. From company conferences and seminars to product launches and special events, we can deliver fresh solutions and hold your events at this private paradise. At Lead Events PH, we can help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Exclusive Behind the Scene Photoshoot with Cloudfone and Lead Events

ABS-CBNmobile recently introduced an exciting offer for all Kapamilya fans with its newest partner, handset manufacturer, Cloudfone.

As such, the King of the Gil, Enrique Gil himself says hello to the newest Kapamilya, Cloudfone. Bundled with ABS-CBNmobile sims, the Cloudfone phone kits come pre-installed with ABS-CBNmobile apps and exclusive offers such as weekly one-day internet credits for one month. With this, Kapamilyas are given the chance to Forevemore watch their favorite shows, anytime, anywhere.

Exclusive Behind the Scene Photoshoot with Cloudfone and Lead Events

Exclusive Behind the Scene Photoshoot with Cloudfone and Lead Events

Exclusive Behind the Scene Photoshoot with Cloudfone and Lead Events

Lead Events PH: Turning Visions into Realities

Lead Events PH Banner

Past Events of Lead Events

Event Management Professionals

From company conferences and seminars to corporate affairs and even down to fashion shows and special events, Lead Events PH is an events design and production company catering to a diverse mix of clients in need of assistance in events management.

As a top-tier events company specializing in a wide array of public affairs, Lead Events PH has serviced and is currently catering to renowned corporations and organizations, both local and international. With a roster of skilled practitioners, along with a network of creative and technical experts, Lead Events PH is unwaveringly committed to providing hands-on and utmost expertise when mounting diverse public activities. We work extensively with experts and specialists, guaranteeing only topnotch authorities play a role in the production of our clients’ events.

With a high regard for excellence, Lead Events PH aims to yield only the highest standards of quality where we believe that exceptional service, thorough attention to detail, and cutting-edge designs should be the hallmarks of every aspect of the events mounted. Providing our clients with the best of our professional expertise, we work with our clients’ visions, listen to their needs, and render them into affairs that are well-crafted and perfectly produced.

With Lead Events PH, you dream and we make it happen.

If you’re ready to turn your event visions and dreams into realities, contact us at the information provided below.

Lead Events PH
16C Blue Sapphire Building
2nd Avenue Corner 30th Street,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
(0906) 512-9418
(+632) 565-4839

Which mode is for shooting people during sporting events?

Which mode is for shooting people during events? Can you shoot people, vehicles, anything in motion in aperture priority mode? If you don’t want any blur and capture quick sharp moments during motion, would shutter priority be better?

I wouldn’t use Aperture Priority to try and stop motion, the only way you could be sure and get a high enough shutter speed would be to use a really high ISO unless you’re shooting in really bright light. That means a lot of noise to deal with.

I normally shoot manual during day events, since I shoot all older manual lenses, although Aperture Priority works too, but it’s my least favorite. I almost always start at f8, that’s where most lenses do best, and I keep the ISO as low as possible to minimize noise. If I can get by with it, I won’t go above ISO400.

As for shutter speed, I don’t think anybody can really make a solid recommendation without knowing overall conditions. I find for shooting birds in flight 1/350 will usually stop most wing motion except for small birds like Chickadees and Hummingbirds. Hummers take 1/1000 or better to really stop wing motion. You can stop a rabbit or dog running at 1/350. For sporting events, usually a little faster, 1/500 might stop most motion in a baseball game except the bat swinging. A runner’s feet may still have a little motion.

I would prefer manual, but shutter priority should work, and I always keep the ISO fixed rather than letting the camera set it on the fly. So if you can get at least 1/250 at ISO200 and f8, which is not difficult on a partly cloudy day, you should be able to stop all motion with things like people walking and such. For kids playing you would want closer to 1/500. For that you might also want a smaller aperture, so depth of field will help you fudge the focus a little where necessary.

It’s all relative, Aperture, ISO and shutter speed all affect each other. The only way to really know what to expect is to practice at it and pay attention to what results you get with various combinations. Start by changing only one variable and keeping the others static. Then work with another one until you find the combination that works most of the time. Set the aperture and ISO, for example, and leave them alone. Play with shutter speed. Then choose one of the others for the variable another day. Pay attention to what you get.

I like to practice on wildflowers. You’d be surprised how much motion blur shows up on a windy day. But they don’t run around, they sit in one place so you can take a dozen shots and take your time setting up each shot. A day working with wildflowers will teach you a lot.

Shutter Speed Tips for Event Photography

Shutter speed will determine not only how much light (ambient light), but the faster the shutter speed the more freeze frame. Longer shutter speeds will blur out and capture movement. Some where in between is best for shooting events such as weddings and awarding ceremonies. F stops are all about how much light . F22 lets is less light than say for instance F4. Aperture ( F settings) controls how much light as well as depth of field. If for instance you would shoot the wedding aisle in SHUTTER priority (mode), you would be able to set the SHUTTER speed, and the camera will automatically set the aperture (F), allowing you to lower or raise the shutter speeds & not to worry about your aperture (F) This is called bracketing. Some cameras have presets to do this for you.

You need to understand the difference between Aperture (F) & Shutter. A clear distinction of these two settings is apparent when using a Flash (strobe). The lesson to learn here is that the Aperture captures light on the subject, and the shutter captures the background (ambient level).

Shooting an outdoor event on a bright day, you will have to CLOSE down your aperture ( F number gets larger, like F22) letting in less light. Where your shutter will have to get faster (smaller fraction of a second). For example, if you were to shoot a baseball game on a bright day, you would do the same. (of course you would have to know how to Pan, but that’s for another day).

The shorter the shutter speed, the shallower the depth of field as well as less light. The small the F-stop number, the bigger the hole in the lens for light to come through. If you want pin point focus, use the quickest shutter speed you can. That will make it darker, so you need to open the f-stop as much as possible to compensate with more light. 

If you want more motion blur and/or a wider depth of field, then you need a longer shutter speed and larger f-stop number (smaller hole in lens for light) because the length of time the photo is taken for will increase the light that enters, so you squeeze the hole as closed as you can to compensate and not let your photo get washed out with too much light.

Just find the balance between these and you’ll get a good shot.

Try taking the same photo with the same shutter speed, but change the f-stop for each one and go from the smallest to the largest and watch how the photos change from one to the next.

Wireless Tethering During Events

I’ve worked with several tethering options & here’s my 2 cents:

Wifi Tethering in General

-Your biggest enemy is line of sight. If people will be walking between you and your router, the connection will cut in and out. A good workaround is to attach your router to the top of a light stand.
-If you’re shooting low volume (exe: product photography in a studio) larger files are ok. If you’re shooting in a fast-paced event setting, keep it to small or medium JPEG, otherwise the transfers will go so slow that it defeats the purpose.
-Get a good router. Cheap-o routers typically have fewer & weaker antennas.
-If you’re shooting professionally, always have a backup plan(s). I always keep two 20ft USB cables and plenty of extra cards on hand. I’ve had to fall back on them before and boy was I glad I had them!

Eye-fi Card

– Only available in SD, so if you only have CF, gotta go the expensive route
– Works surprisingly well for a sub-$100 solution
– Free iOS and Andriod apps allow you to send images straight to you handheld device. I’m pretty sure you can configure the app to automatically push the images online too. It creates an ad-hoc network, so you don’t need a wifi network to use the app
– Doesn’t support live view or remote camera functions, just image transfer.
– If your wifi connection drops, you have to re-connect to the card through the software on the computer. Redeeming quality- when you reestablish the connection, any images that haven’t transferred automatically queue up
– Really good tech support. If you’re having issues, email them the log file and they can tell you what’s going on.

$700 Nikon Option

-Pair this with Nikon Capture software and you’ll have full camera control (except zoom, assuming you’re using a DSLR) as well as image transfer
-This setup is solid. Eye-fi and other “rigged” systems will come with quirks that you have to troubleshoot. If you’re working in a professional, time sensitive environment, it’s well worth the extra money.
-I’m not sure which Nikon transmitter you’re referring to, but, it probably requires an extra battery or 2 and is pretty hefty. I assume that the added size and battery requirement means that it has a larger antenna and a stronger signal compared to the tiny Eye-fi antenna that draws power from the SD slot.

Light meters for event photography

What features should you look for while taking photos during your event?

Aside from indoor events, our current position also requires us to take photos and video under these unique circumstances.

1. Outside natural light
2. Portrait photography with and without flash.
3. Video indoors and outdoors.
4. Video using lights like an interview.

When using a flash in a non-event setting like portrait photography, you can definitely use a flash meter. All of the meters I’ve seen lately will do this. Some have a built-in pocket wizard transmitter, so they can fire the flashes to get the fstops.

My criteria for a meter:
Handles flash at 1/60, 1/250
Lighted display
Uses AA batteries which last a long time
Large selection of ISOs, and shutter to 1/8000
Built-in PC/minijack port and maybe RF flash remote
Well-built, no pieces to get lost
Can be a spotmeter

It’d be great to also be a color meter, but I haven’t found one that does this without spending a fortune.

Meters are very useful for video as long as you know your filter adjustments.

But you can get away with just a large gray card + histogram with the same accuracy as an incident meter. You’ll still want a gray card to do your white balancing, so get one anyway.

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