Light meters for event photography

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What features should you look for while taking photos during your event?

Aside from indoor events, our current position also requires us to take photos and video under these unique circumstances.

1. Outside natural light
2. Portrait photography with and without flash.
3. Video indoors and outdoors.
4. Video using lights like an interview.

When using a flash in a non-event setting like portrait photography, you can definitely use a flash meter. All of the meters I’ve seen lately will do this. Some have a built-in pocket wizard transmitter, so they can fire the flashes to get the fstops.

My criteria for a meter:
Handles flash at 1/60, 1/250
Lighted display
Uses AA batteries which last a long time
Large selection of ISOs, and shutter to 1/8000
Built-in PC/minijack port and maybe RF flash remote
Well-built, no pieces to get lost
Can be a spotmeter

It’d be great to also be a color meter, but I haven’t found one that does this without spending a fortune.

Meters are very useful for video as long as you know your filter adjustments.

But you can get away with just a large gray card + histogram with the same accuracy as an incident meter. You’ll still want a gray card to do your white balancing, so get one anyway.

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